Esther Engelbrecht

Explore with Art


For as long as I can remember, my favourite activities always involved some type of stationery. As a child, I was most excited when my mom would bring me some scrap paper from her work so that I could make my next creation which would captivate me for hours.
(Jip I was that nerdy!).


That has never changed; I have continued to explore with art my
whole life. In fact the only constant in my life, no matter where I traveled, stayed, studied or worked, was the fact that I always made sure I had some art materials handy. I have never formally studied art, yet I continue to learn on the ‘job’ daily! I enjoy to see what happens when you play with art, and what happens if you leave things to ‘chance’ and what magic can happen if you just let go and trust the process.

I love the natural therapeutic effects that creating art has on me and this is probably why I have always been hooked. Over the years I
have collected a sample of works and I decided to start the site to see if this is something people will be interested in buying.


Each work of art holds sentimental value and captures my
own personal journey.