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Esther Engelbrecht

Explore with Art


For as long as I can remember, my favourite activities always involved art materials of all sorts and that is still the case today; it is my own form of play and meditation. In fact, art is the only constant in my life, and no matter where I travel, live, study or work, I always make sure I have my art materials handy. What I enjoy most is the magic that happens when you allow yourself to be playful when you create - just letting things flow and trusting the process.

My paintings, since childhood, inevitably reflect how I experience my reality but also my love to experiment and use colour and images. For me, colour carries so much meaning as well as emotion, and the use of different shades and hues convey so much. I seldom start a project with the end product in mind. Rather, it is about the process, the journey, so to speak. I find that some of the most amazing effects or results are sometimes achieved through mistakes or twists and turn during the process. Each piece holds enormous sentimental value and represents a step on my own personal journey.

I use predominantly oil; acrylic paint on canvas; as well as ‘digital paint’ as my media. Digital art is a relatively new genre of original art, which is printed in the Giclée method (I use beautiful, boxed canvasses for printing). It should be noted that digital painting is actually an original artwork in its own right, as it exists on no other original form that was always intended to be printed.


I sell a limited number of digital painting prints as well as original oil and acrylic paintings. All paintings are on boxed canvas and ready to hang. For any other enquiries or commissions, please contact me on

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