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Sizes:  medium (1000mm x 300mm) ;  large (1200mm x 400mm). Other sizes are available (please contact us at 

What is an original digital painting?

A print is an image, which has been transferred from one surface to another. Many pictures are sold today as “original prints” or even “limited edition prints”  however, they are actually photographic reproductions of artworks that exist as originals in another medium. Essentially they are just good quality, electronically generated, Giclée prints, created using inkjet printers. The exception to this is the relatively new genre of ‘digital art’, which utilizes the Giclée method of printing, but is not a reproduction as described above. Digital art is an original artwork in its own right, as it does not exist in any other form prior to being printed.

Anita Klein’s explanation gives further clarity on this explanation: “Real artists” orginal prints are different from reproduction in that they are original paintings or drawings. Instead the image is conceived by the artist as a print from the outset.

An original print is an image produced from a surface on which the artist has worked, such as stone or wood block, a computer screen or copper plate. This surface is intended by the artist to be a stage in the creation of the artwork. Thus the original work of art in this case is the print itself rather than the block or plate from.



  • Deliveries:

    The delivery process will commence as soon as payment has been received in full (email proof of payment to Allow 14 business days for deliveries. A confirmation email will be provided with details.  

    International deliveries:

    International delivery prices are excluded from the total. Please contact us at to arrange for international deliveries and quotations.

    Pick up:

    Once a painting has been collected by yourself, we take no further responsibility for any damages occurring during transit. Please wait for a confirmation email before collection.  

    Return Policy:

    Should you not be happy with the painting, you can return it for a full refund for up to 7 days from receipt of the painting, with the condition that the painting is in the same form and with no damage. No further returns or refunds will be done after 7 days of receipt.


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